Let us know what you'd like to see in Shotgun!

Import Cut option to use Reel Name as Shot Name Rob Aitchison 0 댓글 1 없음
Ability to set field data justification (right/left/center) Huong Nguyen 0 댓글 0 없음
Multiple editors on a shotgun page tommy zhu 0 댓글 3 없음
Houdini HDA publish possibility? Oliver Hilbert 1 댓글 0 없음
Production Blog Jessie King 1 댓글 0 없음
Advanced Custom Pages Hannes Reindl 1 댓글 5 없음
View notes on previous version in Media Player Gavin Greenwalt 0 댓글 0 없음
Auto-update thumbnails to latest version Gavin Greenwalt 2 댓글 0 답변함
Make the Version Name link to media page Gavin Greenwalt 5 댓글 0 없음
Implicit share with Clients Gavin Greenwalt 0 댓글 1 없음
Track who received Playlist(Version) as field Gavin Greenwalt 0 댓글 0 없음
Subtle Gradient BG for videos [Media Playback] Gavin Greenwalt 0 댓글 0 없음
Multiple Approvals [Client Review] Gavin Greenwalt 1 댓글 5 없음
Improve workflow for sharing playlists via the client review site Gavin Greenwalt 1 댓글 1 없음
Password expires after X days Astrid Scholte 0 댓글 1 없음
Smedge, Render farm software, integration Han Ho 1 댓글 0 없음
Task Templates To Respect Project Specific Pipeline Steps Andrew Lawrence 0 댓글 4 없음
Pinned Tab Icon René Calles 0 댓글 1 없음
Screening Room Version sorting Mike Hendricks 2 댓글 6 없음
Shotgun Media App - additional looping modes (Ping-Pong) Sachin Shrestha 0 댓글 1 없음
Have Monday in the first row / First day of the week Barbara Bernad 3 댓글 6 없음
Can Users create multi-entity fields that have mutliple valid types? Paul Hudson 3 댓글 3 없음
Browser Overlay Player changes display of version name to ALL_CAPS Daniel Eaton 0 댓글 0 없음
Make ability to reply more prominent in the Client Review Site Brandon Foster 1 댓글 2 없음
Summary email for Client Review Site Astrid Scholte 4 댓글 4 없음
zoom closer in 'Task & Gantt' Philip Hansen 1 댓글 3 없음
Client Review Site - Download all media button John Szebegyinszki 1 댓글 1 없음
Include Version Names in Client Review Site Emails Brandon Foster 2 댓글 5 없음
Scheduling at the hour level Sean McGrath 0 댓글 9 없음
Trimming the task list in rv/shotgun Submit Tool John Coldrick 0 댓글 0 없음