Let us know what you'd like to see in Shotgun!

Playback of multiple clips on the client review site Meg Walls 10 댓글 12 예정되지 않음
Restrict Client Users by Project Astrid Scholte 4 댓글 9 예정되지 않음
Allow configuration of displayed fields in the Client Review Site Mason 4 댓글 13 예정되지 않음
non-personalized link for client review Patrick Brennecke 2 댓글 1 예정되지 않음
Client Review Site invitation email formatting Astrid Scholte 7 댓글 13 예정되지 않음
Shotgun Review for Android Brandon Foster 9 댓글 17 예정되지 않음
Sub-Tasks/To Do Lists Astrid Scholte 23 댓글 95 예정되지 않음
Event-driven trigger framework in the UI (i.e. have one status change trigger another) Tommy 7 댓글 53 예정되지 않음
Client Review Site: ability to hide Notes from other Clients Astrid Scholte 1 댓글 1 예정되지 않음
Alternate movie upload for Client Review Site Hugh Macdonald 2 댓글 2 예정되지 않음
Turn Client Notes into Notes visible to all permission groups Astrid Scholte 4 댓글 18 예정되지 않음