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Checklist Data Type Mathieu Leblanc 4 댓글 5 없음
Expiration Date for Users Brandon Foster 4 댓글 5 없음
Better breadcrumbs on content pages. Jennifer Brola 4 댓글 5 없음
Revert to a previously saved Page layout Stephen Chiu 0 댓글 5 없음
Make Filter Panel dockable in detail page tabs, and save docked state with page layout (rather than as a per-user pref) Tommy 3 댓글 5 없음
Change Default Enter Key Behavior for Text Fields Brandon Foster 0 댓글 5 없음
Save Tab as Global Default option Astrid Scholte 0 댓글 5 없음
Ability to set default values for Note fields in Screening Room for RV Tommy 2 댓글 5 없음
Ability to "lock" a threaded entity once closed Matt Welker 1 댓글 5 없음
Person's calendar view enhancements Alexey Borzykh 2 댓글 5 없음
Find and Replace String Shayg 2 댓글 5 없음
Integrating Shotgun, OpenPipeline and Autodesk Maya 2010 Asset Management Capabilities David Dominowski 0 댓글 5 없음
Allow the importer to disambiguate a 'Link' field value? Joe Frayne 2 댓글 5 없음
Sorting by Status: display the long name please Pliny (John Eremic) 4 댓글 5 없음
Progress Over Time Reports Tommy Kiser 0 댓글 5 없음
Navigation icon indicator for Project and Global Pages Beth Dewhirst 0 댓글 4 없음
Access to Archived Project Data Beth Dewhirst 0 댓글 4 없음
Ability to move / copy projects between Shotgun sites Andrew Lawrence 2 댓글 4 없음
WYSIWYG buttons for markup areas Aleks Berland 1 댓글 4 없음
Notification when a Client views a Playlist Jordan 0 댓글 4 없음
Per Project Default Statuses Mason 1 댓글 4 없음
Printing of Shots Jon Peters 6 댓글 4 없음
url for a client's access to a client review site playlist Colin Lowry 1 댓글 4 없음
Use python API to share a playlist via Client Review Site Nishkar Grover 1 댓글 4 없음
Task Templates To Respect Project Specific Pipeline Steps Andrew Lawrence 0 댓글 4 없음
Summary email for Client Review Site Astrid Scholte 4 댓글 4 없음
Way to batch swap or update Task Templates on entities without creating duplicates Tommy 3 댓글 4 없음
Filtering in rv submit package John Coldrick 0 댓글 4 없음
Ability to Customize Forms per Project when creating a new Asset Type Mnikitiuk 0 댓글 4 없음
Graph widget without percentage values Francois Touvet 1 댓글 4 없음