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Query Fields in Email Layout DJ Hauck 0 댓글 0 없음
Include a simple storyboard pdf generator Up Studios 0 댓글 0 없음
Style the revision notes differently from in-thread comments. Jennifer Brola 0 댓글 0 없음
a way to setup emails to groups Johannes Hezer 0 댓글 0 없음
add to new/existing playlist on version detail page Alex Meddick 0 댓글 0 없음
Sorting by list order Alex Meddick 0 댓글 0 없음
Per-value permissions on regular list fields (like status list fields) Tommy 1 댓글 0 없음
Time-to-load posted in the footer of every page. Jennifer Brola 0 댓글 0 없음
Click entity field to display linked entities in a list view (with fields) Nils Lerin 0 댓글 0 없음
'ALL' keyword to add All Tasks when importing Notes Matt Welker 0 댓글 0 없음
"All" as acceptable data for "Tasks" field in CSV import of Notes Eric Levin-hatz 0 댓글 0 없음
Hide Unused Tabs Astrid Scholte 1 댓글 0 없음
Accessing multiple Work Schedules with a single API call Tom Wild 0 댓글 0 없음
Status Field for Script Keys to enable and disable access Hasiel Hassan Alvarez Zavala 0 댓글 0 없음
Sharing Filmstrip Thumbnails Armando Ricalde 0 댓글 0 없음
Page filtres - popup menu + duplication of filters Michal M. 0 댓글 0 없음
python3.x compatibility? Mayur Patel 1 댓글 0 없음
Option to apply color space conversion of thumbnail uploads Marco Recuay 0 댓글 0 없음
Basic playback options Bonsak Schieldrop 3 댓글 0 없음
Add Filtering to Notes App Pane Kimberly LeBrane 2 댓글 0 없음
Display name for local files Francois Lord 1 댓글 0 없음
Per Page TC display options (Frames vs TC) Gavin Greenwalt 0 댓글 0 없음
Keypad symbols for Timecode (/,*,+ or -) Gavin Greenwalt 0 댓글 0 없음
Improved Import Options Gavin Greenwalt 1 댓글 0 없음
Systems Administrator @ Double Negative Double Negative 0 댓글 0 없음
Easy interface to create new entities from the list view Rob Blau 0 댓글 0 없음
Local DB Cache/"Gateway" Gavin Greenwalt 1 댓글 0 없음
ShotgunActionMenu POSTDATA title = full page title Paul Hudson 0 댓글 0 없음
Translation to spanish Juan Cruz Ghigliani 1 댓글 0 없음
Nested lists Raul Catalina 0 댓글 0 없음