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Freelancer Booking support Timor Kardum 1 댓글 0 없음
Creating a "review grid" Chris Spears 0 댓글 0 없음
IP Whitelisting - Description Sachin Shrestha 0 댓글 0 없음
Extend description length on Client Review pages Gary Chadwick 0 댓글 0 없음
Hide global navigation bar Christopher Jarvis 5 댓글 0 없음
Project Tracking Settings via API Nicolas Pastrana 0 댓글 0 없음
Add permission to only see projects in active state Ashley Retallack 0 댓글 0 없음
Import Cut with base layer movie without upload Rito Trevino 0 댓글 0 없음
Generate Cut from Sequence using Cut Order field Rito Trevino 0 댓글 0 없음
Go "Up" one level in navigation hierarchy Brandon Foster 0 댓글 0 없음
References management Hiram Romero 0 댓글 0 없음
Options for Replying inside Shotgun, to Client Notes for Permission Groups with "Can see Client Notes" on Tram Le-Jones 1 댓글 0 없음
SG Review: remember window placement preferences Gregory Liegey 0 댓글 0 없음
Visual feedback of web connection with shotgun desktop websocket Patrick Macdonald 0 댓글 0 없음
Personal notes in My Tasks Andriy Koval 0 댓글 0 없음
zoom closer in 'Task & Gantt' AbdelAziz 0 댓글 0 없음
Ability to set field data justification (right/left/center) Huong Nguyen 0 댓글 0 없음
Houdini HDA publish possibility? Oliver Hilbert 1 댓글 0 없음
Production Blog Jessie King 1 댓글 0 없음
View notes on previous version in Media Player Gavin Greenwalt 0 댓글 0 없음
Make the Version Name link to media page Gavin Greenwalt 5 댓글 0 없음
Track who received Playlist(Version) as field Gavin Greenwalt 0 댓글 0 없음
Subtle Gradient BG for videos [Media Playback] Gavin Greenwalt 0 댓글 0 없음
Smedge, Render farm software, integration Han Ho 1 댓글 0 없음
Browser Overlay Player changes display of version name to ALL_CAPS Daniel Eaton 0 댓글 0 없음
Trimming the task list in rv/shotgun Submit Tool John Coldrick 0 댓글 0 없음
Auto-group system Patrick Macdonald 0 댓글 0 없음
Protools Integration Bill Bronner 0 댓글 0 없음
Ability to specify the default shotgun server in RV from the command line. Jesse Clemens 1 댓글 0 없음
Configure Played Entity when Clicking on Sequence/Shot Thumbnail Michael Kessler 0 댓글 0 없음