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Follow from global search query clinton downs 2 댓글 1 없음
ActionMenuItem can run javascript on current Shotgun page Asi Sudai 1 댓글 1 없음
Flagging Notes that have Comments Manovigianek Jehman 1 댓글 1 없음
export to .csv formatting for Status/Sort Heather Lawson 1 댓글 1 없음
Add Files to Playlists Kimberly LeBrane 1 댓글 1 없음
Updating fields on import Pliny (John Eremic) 2 댓글 1 없음
Ability to specify a name for export to excel files Tom Stratton 3 댓글 1 없음
Grouping Option: Collapse Records / Max Display Records Paul Hudson 6 댓글 1 없음
Feedback on 'Work Schedules' clinton downs 1 댓글 1 없음
Duration calculation Susan Standen 2 댓글 1 없음
Template Project -> Push these Layouts to All Projects - Dangerous Armando Ricalde 6 댓글 1 없음
shots page - gantt view clinton downs 11 댓글 1 없음
Add Playlist to Playlist, or merge Tommy Kiser 0 댓글 1 없음
Locking Playlists Kate Phillips 0 댓글 1 없음
Importer - Edit Multiple support for fixing errors Tommy Kiser 0 댓글 1 없음
My Pages (particularly notes) sans frames Gavin Greenwalt 0 댓글 1 없음
Marking linked fields as read-only on a particular layout Andy Geers 1 댓글 1 없음
Option to display group header shared column info. Gavin Greenwalt 0 댓글 1 없음
Per User/Group Task Time Handling Gavin Greenwalt 0 댓글 1 없음
Time Logs - view existing logs while entering time Tommy Kiser 0 댓글 1 없음
Browse Dialog Window for "Paths to Frames" Gavin Greenwalt 4 댓글 1 없음
SQL Query Execute Alexander G Morano 5 댓글 1 없음
Changing Status field defaults..... Alexander G Morano 0 댓글 1 없음
git support Chad Dombrova 1 댓글 1 없음
Editing multiple fields on an entity using just the keyboard Joe Frayne 7 댓글 1 없음
Auto-resize column widths Joe Frayne 3 댓글 1 없음
flagging 'issues' Stu Aitken 4 댓글 1 없음
Per-Project Disk Storage Andy Geers 9 댓글 1 없음
Creating new pages directly under folders Andy Geers 2 댓글 1 없음
Page Modified indicator too subtle Andy Geers 0 댓글 1 없음