Let us know what you'd like to see in Shotgun!

Cineform codec support David Parmenter 0 댓글 0 없음
Display Uploading Progress on Shotgun Web Ben Xu 1 댓글 3 없음
Removing 'more' drop-down on pages at initial load Kate Kazokas 12 댓글 6 없음
Change Project Configuration: Pick which Custom Pages to Update Beth Dewhirst 0 댓글 2 없음
Integrate the tile display idea of 'Canvas View' in 'Details View' section Kat 2 댓글 1 없음
Hotkey for hiding all UI Elijah Dixson 0 댓글 0 없음
Confirmation option on Field changes for important fields David Mason 1 댓글 2 없음
Support Conditional Formatting for tasks in pipeline step columns on a per-page basis Andrew Lawrence 1 댓글 2 없음
Ability to configure mime types available for drag an drop via media app in shotgun Kym Watts 0 댓글 0 없음
Quick search by column field Antoine Galbrun 1 댓글 3 없음
Added file type(extension) field to "versions" Muneo Hara (原 宗生) 1 댓글 0 없음
Allow Export to CSV to be able to Export Selected Ben Xu 1 댓글 6 없음
Kanban Style - Update Status on Drag and Drop Carey Davenport 1 댓글 7 없음
Loss of Page Customization Upon Logout Douglas Lassance 5 댓글 2 없음
Access to Archived Project Data Beth Dewhirst 0 댓글 4 없음
per-user fields Steven Tavernia 1 댓글 0 없음
Customize Threaded Entity Reply Fields Brandon Foster 0 댓글 3 없음
Option to remove the , from calculated fields number display. Erwan Leroy 1 댓글 1 없음
Calculated fields: Support for Timecode operations Tommy 1 댓글 1 없음
World clock widget Hristo Velev 0 댓글 1 없음
Automatic reload of shots-page on change - like google spreadsheet. VOTE NOW! Thomas Fenger 2 댓글 1 없음
Status notion on Versions in Client Review Site Suhit Saha 0 댓글 1 없음
Text field filters for "does not start with" and "does not end with" Stewart Graff -Visual Concepts- 0 댓글 1 없음
Customized display fields in the note stream Hristo Velev 0 댓글 1 없음
Sudo as - permission groups Michelle Kee 0 댓글 1 없음
Easy way to Filter by Connection Entities from the Admin > Fields Page Shayna Duguid 0 댓글 1 없음
'Recent' option in the shotgun work files app Hristo Velev 0 댓글 0 없음
I want the center of the Gantt bar to have an option to display characters such as the task name Muneo Hara (原 宗生) 0 댓글 3 없음
Exceptions on the Crew Planning page Сергей Будяк 1 댓글 2 없음
"Revert Page" Button Reposition Matteo Veglia 0 댓글 3 없음