Let us know what you'd like to see in Shotgun!

Duplicating Saved Filters Alex Meddick 6 댓글 9 완료
More details on the Project Overview's Activity Stream Astrid Scholte 6 댓글 19 완료
A button to suppress Welcome to Inbox/My Task videos from coming up. Jeff 6 댓글 5 완료
"Today"-button in the gantt view Bonsak Schieldrop 6 댓글 0 완료
[DONE 1.12] CC on Tickets Andy Geers 6 댓글 0 완료
Filtering omitted shots from the hierarchy navigation feature Paul Alexiou 5 댓글 3 완료
Client Review Site Password Set Up Louise Hastings 5 댓글 3 완료
Restrict Shotgun Review iOS App Access per Permission Group Brandon Foster 5 댓글 5 완료
Darker color scheme for Shotgun UI Tommy 5 댓글 48 완료
Don't add/remove people from Projects when updating Bookings in Crew Planning Astrid Scholte 5 댓글 3 완료
Searchable threaded entities. Jennifer Brola 5 댓글 20 완료
Enable filmstrip thumbnails and Screening Room play icon for Query fields Astrid Scholte 5 댓글 14 완료
Customizable Per-Person Homepages Jacob Medendorp 5 댓글 27 완료
Field is linked to a Field Mike Romey 5 댓글 0 완료
[DONE 1.13] Make weekends more obvious in the Gantt Chart Andy Geers 5 댓글 0 완료
[DONE 1.12] Conditional Formatting Andy Geers 5 댓글 0 완료
Multiple levels of Grouping - Advanced Grouping? Tommy Kiser 5 댓글 0 완료
Default user page to something other than My Notes Kevin Cureton 5 댓글 0 완료
Admins able to login as different user without changing their password Scott Ballard 4 댓글 9 완료
Groups in Client Review Lawren Bancroft-Wilson 4 댓글 14 완료
Client Review Site - Communicate with Already Invited Clients Brandon Foster 4 댓글 4 완료
Open a Version into the Overlay Player with a URL link Astrid Scholte 4 댓글 6 완료
Automated way for a user to reset their password ("Forgot Password" link) Tommy 4 댓글 20 완료
The Foundry´s HIERO Timor Kardum 4 댓글 3 완료
Have RV communicate with hosted Shotgun sites behind a proxy Andrew Lawrence 3 댓글 5 완료
Add a Pipeline Steps page to the Admin area Shayna Duguid 3 댓글 6 완료
Drop down list for link fields to small entities Patrick Wolf 3 댓글 17 완료
Hide Screening Room Player Controls for Still Images Brandon Foster 3 댓글 3 완료
Batch / bulk / multi-edit in Crew Planning Tommy 3 댓글 2 완료
Blocking warning that requires user confirmation before pushing or reverting project configuration Ben Hadden 3 댓글 3 완료