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Calculated Fields Widget Patrick Wolf 2 댓글 11 없음
Option to "reset" or "undo" changes Astrid Scholte 0 댓글 11 없음
Private Projects/Tickets/Notes etc. Patrick Wolf 2 댓글 11 없음
Project specific customization (entities, fields, statuses, and steps) Ben Hadden 14 댓글 11 완료
auto-follow option Andy Cochrane 3 댓글 11 없음
Number of shots selected Philip Rowe 4 댓글 11 없음
Define default values for notes in a playlist Tommy Kiser 4 댓글 11 없음
Move and copy page tabs Paul Mackinnon 2 댓글 10 없음
Shotgun Review App for iPads & iPad Pro Shayna Duguid 7 댓글 10 없음
Share pages with specific users and/or groups Andrew Lawrence 5 댓글 10 없음
Email notification summary (weekly, daily, hourly etc) Andrew Lawrence 0 댓글 10 없음
Duplicate Project Data Astrid Scholte 1 댓글 10 없음
Display option for widget bars melanie zaffran 1 댓글 10 없음
Graph widget: support summarizing linked fields Tommy 2 댓글 10 없음
Custom tags field with its own tag set Tommy 2 댓글 10 없음
Remember each users' sorting and filtering changes to My Tasks (don't reset to default on logout / session expiration) Tommy 2 댓글 10 없음
Gantt chart view for My Tasks Tommy 5 댓글 10 없음
Ability to show a column from more than 1 link away Rob Blau 13 댓글 10 완료
Client Review Site: Add support for accessing Cuts Tobias Pfeiffer 0 댓글 9 없음
Task status list configurable per link entity type Halil Mehmet 2 댓글 9 없음
Allow @'ing a user in a ticket or note to add them to the CC Andrew Lawrence 1 댓글 9 없음
Manage Client Review Site invitations/playlists Astrid Scholte 3 댓글 9 없음
Scheduling at the hour level Sean McGrath 0 댓글 9 없음
Make the global navigation bar more configurable Huong Nguyen 2 댓글 9 없음
Restrict Client Users Who Can Approve Versions Via The Client Review Site Andrew Lawrence 0 댓글 9 없음
Search Field functionality Samantha Tracey 1 댓글 9 없음
Admins able to login as different user without changing their password Scott Ballard 4 댓글 9 완료
Restrict Client Users by Project Astrid Scholte 4 댓글 9 예정되지 않음
Follow a user will receive inbox when that user create new note Daniel Wong 1 댓글 9 없음
Task Summary Configuration Options Brandon Foster 4 댓글 9 없음