Let us know what you'd like to see in Shotgun!

Filter and delete updates from the Activity Stream Astrid Scholte 6 댓글 18 없음
Turn Client Notes into Notes visible to all permission groups Astrid Scholte 4 댓글 18 예정되지 않음
Allow uploading an icon for ActionMenuItems Matt Welker 4 댓글 18 없음
Option to add additional thumbnail fields Astrid Scholte 1 댓글 18 없음
Feature request page should be searchable! Julia S. Bacak 2 댓글 17 없음
Copy View to another page Sarah Cortina 3 댓글 17 없음
Shotgun Review for Android Brandon Foster 9 댓글 17 예정되지 않음
Filter out individual Tasks from Pipeline Step columns Tommy 8 댓글 17 없음
Drop down list for link fields to small entities Patrick Wolf 3 댓글 17 완료
Conditional Formatting on Master/Detail view (and Inbox, My Tasks) Tommy 4 댓글 17 없음
Add Freeze Panes in List View Mode Marc Dubrois 4 댓글 17 없음
JSON data type for fields Mark Visser 7 댓글 16 없음
Way to Save Views to another page Tommy 5 댓글 16 없음
Configure Query Thumbnail to include if/or statements Astrid Scholte 3 댓글 16 없음
Pre-populate URL field for RV authentication Brandon Foster 7 댓글 16 완료
Multi-Select Field Type Astrid Scholte 9 댓글 16 없음
Client site, download entire playlist option Kym Watts 5 댓글 16 없음
Ability to save the Detail Pane layout in Screening Room/Overlay Player Astrid Scholte 10 댓글 16 없음
Add concept of 'Roles' to Shotgun and integrate into per-project permissions, media access, scheduling, etc. Tommy 4 댓글 16 없음
More types of charts and graphs Tommy 5 댓글 15 없음
Follow an entire Project Astrid Scholte 1 댓글 15 없음
Smart Playlists in the Media App Brandon Foster 6 댓글 15 없음
Ability to customise fields on Notes detail page Judith Pope 11 댓글 15 완료
Scheduling: Percentage assignment Andy Geers 10 댓글 15 없음
Base Edit Audio Paul Alexiou 8 댓글 14 없음
Latest checkbox on other Entities Astrid Scholte 4 댓글 14 없음
Latest Published File Filter Checkbox Option (similar to Latest Version Filter Checkbox) Shayna Duguid 1 댓글 14 없음
Support for File/Link fields in the importer Tommy 2 댓글 14 없음
Client Review Site - Related Notes Brandon Foster 0 댓글 14 없음
Groups in Client Review Lawren Bancroft-Wilson 4 댓글 14 완료