Shotgun Review for Android Brandon Foster 9 댓글 17 예정되지 않음
Convert display gamma control to a virtual slider Nathan Rusch 2 댓글 0 예정되지 않음
non-personalized link for client review Patrick Brennecke 2 댓글 1 예정되지 않음
Restrict Client Users by Project Astrid Scholte 4 댓글 9 예정되지 않음
Client Review Site: ability to hide Notes from other Clients Astrid Scholte 1 댓글 1 예정되지 않음
Playback of multiple clips on the client review site Meg Walls 10 댓글 12 예정되지 않음
Alternate movie upload for Client Review Site Hugh Macdonald 2 댓글 2 예정되지 않음
Allow configuration of displayed fields in the Client Review Site Mason 4 댓글 13 예정되지 않음
Sub-Tasks/To Do Lists Astrid Scholte 23 댓글 95 예정되지 않음
Client Review Site invitation email formatting Astrid Scholte 7 댓글 13 예정되지 않음
Turn Client Notes into Notes visible to all permission groups Astrid Scholte 4 댓글 18 예정되지 않음
Event-driven trigger framework in the UI (i.e. have one status change trigger another) Tommy 7 댓글 53 예정되지 않음