Getting Started with a Toolkit Integration for Adobe Premiere Pro

I'm looking for pointers on how to start if I'm trying to create an integration between Shotgun Desktop and Adobe Premiere Pro.

I've tried to follow the developer documentation on using Toolkit and the Photoshop source code on GitHub, but I'm having trouble making sense of all of it. I'd appreciate any help on how to create and test my integration.


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    Daniel Eaton

    I have an engine for PremierePro.

    You will need your own version of the Adobe frameworks as there is an internal test for a feature that fails despite Premiere appearing to support the features. I just return true if (_cs_interface.getApplicationID() == "PPRO") and it loads.


    You'll need to then make a new signed plugin so Toolkit can install it. Check out the docs on Shotgun's GitHub here...


    Then, point your config your branched tk-framework-adobe rather than the default version .

    For the engine I started with the AfterEffects engine and search/replaced all tk-aftereffects/tk-premierepro references. Then rewrote all the AE specific functions to work for Premiere using the Premiere Extendscript Guide.


    There are a lot of gotchas but it was easier that I thought. Your welcome to check out my branch at...


    Then engine itself and all my Premiere apps are private IP. Day job. Sorry.

    There are a couple of really big issues/roadblocks that I am trying to work through with support that I believe are related to the Adobe frameworks and how JS and Python are passing info back and forth. I can go into more details if you ever get that far.

    Good luck.


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