Version Selector position

Hi there,

 I have a few shots that have many versions and I want to snap the version selector floating window to the top of the viewing window.

The version selector size of these shots will be much bigger then the rv window and cuts off. The users have to drag and move the vs if they want to see the newest versions. The constructor of the version selector adjusts the floating window bottom to the viewing window's bottom area in default.

There is any way to modify this through an interface/parameters (position the version selector top to the top of the viewing window)?

I tried manually modify the version_selector.mu/ VersioningSelector class methods to render the floating window this way and the view/event to index parts was worked great but the draging/moving didn't. There is an area outside of the versioning window that remains draggable.

Btw I dont think modifying every methods in the class to reposition the widget is a good way to solve this problem.

Can anyone help with this? There is an interface or any variable/parameter that could control this?

Thank you very much!

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