Easy but evasive:global framerange of source


To get the framerange of the current source, in the rvsessison, I am using 

self.renderLocalFrameStart = commands.frameStart()

self.renderLocalFrameEnd = commands.frameEnd()



However this gives me for example 1,50

rather then 1001,1050 as I see in the rv session.

So its giving me the local frame number, not the global frame number in the rv session for the current source.

How can I get the global framerange for the current source:

I think I might be being a bit thick, but the closes I can find in the docs is something like mapPropertyToGlobalFrames, but I am not sure how to use that and it seems strangely convoluted


thanks in advance



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    Conor O'Meara


    I figured this out,

    the command i needed was in extra commands


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