tk-nuke-writenode: Add writenode with file_type: mov not working


Just added some custom writenodes and it works just fine. However, as soon as I try to implement one with the *file_type: mov* to export Quicktime movies, none of the writenodes is displayed anymore in the SG menu.

- file_type: mov
name: Mono Mov
publish_template: nuke_shot_render_pub_mono_mov
render_template: nuke_shot_render_mono_mov
settings: {}
tank_type: Quicktime
tile_color: []
promote_write_knobs: []

And here the corresponding template paths:

definition: '@shot_root/work/images/{name}/v{version}/mov/{name}_{nuke.output}_v{version}.mov'
definition: '@shot_root/publish/elements/{name}/v{version}/mov/{name}_{nuke.output}_v{version}.mov'

Not quite sure, if I am missing something really simple here (is the node only supposed to work with images and not movies), or if there is some other problem with the app?

tk-nuke-writenode is at v1.4.1



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    David Mason 공식 댓글

    Hi Sophia,


    I think I can help explain here.  The tk-nuke-writenode is not setup by default to support a .mov but we can fix this by adjusting the app itself.

    The issue is arising because the `SEQ` key is required for template creation by the tk-nuke-writenode app, but we can make this key optional by adding some [] around the SEQ key in the render_template and publish_tempalte (and proxies if you use them) in the info.yml of the app itself.


    This should allow you to use a template that does not contain the SEQ key, like you currently have.

    If you run into any further problems please write a message into support (support@shotgunsoftware.com) and we can troubleshoot there.




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    Sophia Zauner

    Awesome, now it is indeed working!

    Thanks for the quick feedback, David!


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