loading annotated dailies back up to SG


I had previously posted about being able to export annotated SG versions locally as .mp4. (Michael) Kessler kindly gave me some great advice on. I have managed to do the export of the daily with the annotation, full frame range and am the proud owner of a button in RV to do this.

Now I would like to upload this back to SG under the same shot and ideally label it as with a tag eg (feedback).

I know there is already metadata on the original SG version I am annotating and I will search for ways to use this to submit the annotated .mp4 using rvio and the existing submit functionality which exists in SG.

However I am new to SG and any help/pointers on places to look, on how to do this would be much appreciated. I can share my code when I am finished as this feature is super useful and implemented and used in framestore, mpc....during dailies.

thanks in advance



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