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Hey there!

I'm a bit stumped - I've been trying to figure out if I can come up with a view (with widgets, etc) for time logs across all projects at once. I know you can run reports within projects individually, but it would be a lot less hassle for production if we were able to see everything at a glance across all active projects. Is that possible?


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    Mason 공식 댓글

    Hey Traci, this is possible, although a little unintuitive. To create a global page (showing records across all active projects):

    - Go to the Pages menu and, using the gear button in the bottom left corner, choose “+ New Page”.

    New page

    - In the dialogue box, give the page a name.

    - Choose the type of records you’d like the page to show.

    - Leave the project field blank. (this creates a global page)

    - Click “Create Page”.

    Hope that helps, but feel free to email support@shotgunsoftware.com with any follow up questions!



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    Brandon Foster

    Hi Traci,

    Thanks for your question! You can create a global page that can see Time Logs across all Projects. From the Global New menu (big + icon in the upper right) select "Page" from the menu. In the creation form, make sure the Project field is blank (this will make it so that the Page isn't limited in scope to a single Project).

    From this Page you can group/sort/filter to your heart's content to slice the data from all Projects. Let me know how that works for you!

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    Traci Cook

    Holy crap, that totally worked. Thanks everyone!! :D 

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