RV -> SG Review -> Submit Tool filter task


I'm trying to filter tasks in Submit Tool by project/shot. Idea is to use some environment variable.

I take a look on following files and try to change something but no luck:



Also I tried to change the file rv/plugins/Mu/shotgun_review_app.mu

to use custom style for QComboBox in QWebView. For Qt it is possible to override QComboBox to use QWebView::setStyle function with custom QProxyStyle class. As far I understand, MuQt has no QProxyStyle, QStyleOption or QStyleHintReturn implementation and also QWebView::setStyle function.

Also I tried QWebView::toHtml() -> filter content -> QWebView::setHtml(). But it also no luck because there is not QWebView::setHtml implementation in MuQt

Where I can get documentation for MuQt?

It is possible in general to make custom filter for tasks? Maybe use custom JavaScript inside the QWebView....

Could you tell me the best way to do this?





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