Rv frame range from a source loaded via Shotgun


In RV, I'm having troubles getting the frame range from a source which is being loaded via "Play in RV" from Shotgun. In Shotgun, for the Version, I have filled the columns "Path to frames", "First Frame" and "Last Frame" accordingly, and when I play in RV that Version, it takes the correct range of frames but I'm not able to get the range from an RV python script.

I'm looking the "Mu command API browser" from the RV's help menu and I'm trying with methods like commands.frameStart, commands.inPoint or similar but with no success, they always return me 1 not the whole range.

The Path to frames column in Shotgun is filled with a path like "C:\path\to\frames\source_frame_#.exr".

I think this is something basic but I cannot hit the nail. Any idea on how to get the range?

Thanks in advance.


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