Linking Client notes to different versions

I'm wondering if anyone knows how to link a client note from the client review site to a different artist version. I'm trying to switch out a version in the client review site without losing the client notes but can't seem to switch it out without losing the notes.

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    David Mason 공식 댓글

    Hi Amber,  

    You could go to the Notes page in that project and change the link on the client note by editing the "Links" field and you can attach the client note to anything you like.

    If you would like further guidance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@shotgunsoftware.com




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    Amber Couturier

    Hey David, 

    Thank-you. I've actually tried this but find that my link results stay blank. I've waiting assuming it's taking time to find the correct version as our project is so large but nothing happens.

    Will reach out to shotgun support!

    Thanks again!

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