Multiple pipeline steps within a filter


I was wondering if there is a way to filter a specific pipeline step by due date while also viewing all dependencies and their due dates/statuses for those filtered shots?

For instance:

- I want to see all shots due out of lighting this week.

- When I see those shots I would also like to see the FX/Anim and layout. But ONLY for those shots.

- Currently, once I add the date filter to lighting it over rides all other pipeline steps and they disappear.

Is there currently a way to do this?




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    Brandon Foster

    Hi Ben,

    Good question! If you're on a Shots page you should be able to accomplish this with the below filter example. This will show all Shots whose Lighting Task(s) have due dates in the current calendar week. On the page you can then expose the other pipeline step columns you're interested in (FX, Anim, Layout). Let me know how that works for you!

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    ben wardle

    Aha! This is the filter I'm using but I didn't think of exposing the pipeline step columns. Currently I have the pipeline steps listed which is where I'm going wrong.

    This gives me the info I need. Thanks so much!

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