Unable to set up user sandboxes

We are trying to set user sandboxes so that work files are kept in separate folders for each user. Followed the instructions for setting up the folder structure as described here.

However, it has not worked to activate the "Show Files For All Other Users" button in the File Open dialog.

I dug deep into the code, and it seems that the workfiles2 app is trying to obtain a list of involved users from the work files available. The resulting list contains only the current user's name, although there are work files from other users.

What we've done so far:

  • Add user-specific directory under the work files directory, and create the yml config as described in the link above
  • Add the login field to the work template, so it looks like {shot}/work/{login}
  • Add the login field to the field definition at the top of templates.yml, so that it gets the login field of the HumanUser entity.

I printed some debug information from inside the workfiles2 app and from toolkit, and although I haven't found the concrete cause, my spidey sense is tingling.

For instance, context.from_path(<path>) by default takes the current user, instead of the user that is defined in the path. This seems like the wrong precedence, unless I am misunderstanding.

Another example, in _resolve_user_sandboxes the search stops at such innocuous reasons as the "name" and "version" fields not being defined in the context, which would not be expected anyway - they are workfile-specific fields.

Any pointers would be appreciated. If this is indeed a bug, please redirect to the correct forum.

Edit: I should also mention that work_area.contains_user_sandboxes == True because the {login} field comes from HumanUser.

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