Change status of notes by Artist


How can I change the permission for Artist so that they can change status of their shot notes (from open to in-progress or closed)?

Below is our current People Permission settings (I have logged in as an admin):

Artist > Entity Permissions > Note > Edit is checked but grayed out with a comment that says (custom) Exceptions: DENY Project (blank), task_template, user

Artist > Entity Permission > Status enabled

Artist > Field Permission > Note > Status > both See and Edit are enabled for Closed, In progress, and Open. Comment on Edit says: Special (non-configurable) rules apply to this field. Check the permission summary for more information.

I assume there is a special permission rule somewhere that is over-ruling this Note/Status/Edit settings. 

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    Brandon Foster

    Hi Shervin,

    It does sound like you have some conditional permissions in place. If you can write into support@shotgunsoftware.com with your site URL and what you need changed and we can help you out.

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    Shervin Shahidi

    Hi Brandon,

    Thank you for the reply. I have sent an email with details.

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