RVLInk does not resolved through SG


We are experiencing an issue when we use "Play in RV" from Shotgun. It opens RV but it doesn't seem to resolve the path properly.

Here is a simple example that shows the issue:

When running in Firefox: rvlink:///data/home/valerieb/test.mov
we get the following error in RV:
INFO: trying brute force to find an image reader for test.mov'
ERROR: Open of ''rvlink:/data/home/valerieb/test.mov'' failed: unsupported media type.
INFO: 'rvlink:/data/home/valerieb/test.mov'

We are running RV 7.2.0 in a linux CentOS 7 and Firefox 59.0.1

Based on another post we tried to change from KDE to Gnome but the issue persist.

Could you please help us figure out what might be wrong?


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    (Michael) Kessler

    Hi Carlos,


    It looks like something is stripping the extra `//` before it gets to RV.  Is the link being handled through any sort of intermediate script?



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