Optional {SEQ} key in template appears when it shouldn't

Trying to use the same template for sequenced udims out of mari, but also keep it for non-sequenced ones aswell. Here is a code example:

>>> tp = tk.templates['asset_mari_texture_tif']
>>> tp
<Sgtk TemplatePath asset_mari_texture_tif: assets/{sg_asset_type}/{Asset}/{Step}/{Task}/publish/mari/{name}_{channel}[_{layer}]_v{version}.{UDIM}.[{SEQ}.]tif>
>>> fields = dict((x,x) for x in ['sg_asset_type','Asset','Step','Task','name','channel','layer'])
>>> fields['version'] = 1
>>> fields['UDIM']=1001
>>> tp.apply_fields(fields)

As you can see from the example, {SEQ} is still evaluated even though "SEQ" is not passed to the template. This is the first example in the docs for optional fields, so I find it weird it wouldn't work.

The template for {SEQ} has not changed from default, but here it is anyway:

type: sequence
format_spec: "04"

Any help is appreciated


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