Could not resolve row id for path

Hello !

I encounter a problem when I try to launch a software or create a folder with shotgun

I look for the solution but I can not find an idea?

Good , I uncheck "Enable linking to local files" and no more problem, but its seems strange when even an idea?


Error report:

ERROR: Could not create folders on disk. Error reported:
Could not resolve row id for path! Please contact support! trying to resolve path
Source data set: [{'path_cache_row_id': 1, 'path': '\\\\SERVEUR_M\\serveur_m\\projetlol', 'metadata': {'root_name': 'primary', 'type': 'project'}, 'primary': True, 'entity': {'type': 'Project', 'id': 88, 'name': 'PROJET lol'}},
{'path_cache_row_id': 2, 'path': '\\\\SERVEUR_M\\serveur_m\\projetlol\\sequences\\S01', 'metadata': {'type': 'shotgun_entity', 'name': 'code', 'filters': [{'path': 'project', 'values': ['$primary'], 'relation': 'is'}],
'entity_type': 'Sequence'}, 'primary': True, 'entity': {'type': 'Sequence', 'id': 42, 'name': 'S01'}}, {'path_cache_row_id': 3, 'path': '\\\\SERVEUR_M\\serveur_m\\projetlol\\sequences\\S01\\P01',
'metadata': {'type': 'shotgun_entity', 'name': 'code', 'filters': [{'path': 'sg_sequence', 'values': ['$sequence'], 'relation': 'is'}], 'entity_type': 'Shot'},
'primary': True, 'entity': {'type': 'Shot', 'id': 1164, 'name': 'P01'}},
{'path_cache_row_id': 4, 'path': '\\\\SERVEUR_M\\serveur_m\\projetlol\\sequences\\S01\\P01\\client',
'metadata': {'type': 'shotgun_step', 'name': 'short_name'}, 'primary': True, 'entity': {'type': 'Step', 'id': 1, 'name': 'Client'}},
{'path_cache_row_id': 5, 'path': '\\\\SERVEUR_M\\serveur_m\\projetlol\\sequences\\S01\\P01\\online', 'metadata': {'type': 'shotgun_step', 'name': 'short_name'},
'primary': True, 'entity': {'type': 'Step', 'id': 2, 'name': 'Online'}}, {'path_cache_row_id': 6, 'path': '\\\\SERVEUR_M\\serveur_m\\projetlol\\sequences\\S01\\P01\\roto',
'metadata': {'type': 'shotgun_step', 'name': 'short_name'}, 'primary': True, 'entity': {'type': 'Step', 'id': 3, 'name': 'Roto'}},
{'path_cache_row_id': 7, 'path': '\\\\SERVEUR_M\\serveur_m\\projetlol\\sequences\\S01\\P01\\mm',
'metadata': {'type': 'shotgun_step', 'name': 'short_name'}, 'primary': True, 'entity': {'type': 'Step', 'id': 4, 'name': 'MM'}}, {'path_cache_row_id': 8, 'path':
'metadata': {'type': 'shotgun_step', 'name': 'short_name'}, 'primary': True, 'entity': {'type': 'Step', 'id': 5, 'name': 'Anm'}}, {'path_cache_row_id': 9,
'path': '\\\\SERVEUR_M\\serveur_m\\projetlol\\sequences\\S01\\P01\\light', 'metadata': {'type': 'shotgun_step', 'name': 'short_name'},
'primary': True, 'entity': {'type': 'Step', 'id': 7, 'name': 'Light'}}, {'path_cache_row_id': 10, 'path': '\\\\SERVEUR_M\\serveur_m\\projetlol\\sequences\\S01\\P01\\comp',
'metadata': {'type': 'shotgun_step', 'name': 'short_name'}, 'primary': True, 'entity': {'type': 'Step', 'id': 8, 'name': 'Comp'}}]

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    Brandon Foster

    Hi Brice,

    Thanks for reaching out, and sorry for the trouble here. If this problem persists, could you send us your report to support@shotgunsoftware.com along with the URL of your site and we'll be happy to help you diagnose the issue with you.

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