Image size limitation?

I have a vendor who is submitting large (4000 x 1000) images for review, but pulling them up in the screening room or overlay player only shows a compressed and scaled-down version that we can't use for feedback. I can open the source file in its own window, but have none of the markup tools.

How can I prevent the scaling that's happening on images that we need to review at original size?

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    Brandon Foster

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for your question. Currently still images uploaded to Shotgun get capped to a 2k resolution (2048x2048). You can do your own transcoding and upload to Shotgun via the API if you want to more carefully control what gets played back in the web player. Read more about that here.

    If the 2k res does work for you, it is possible to zoom and pan across the image so you can get a closer look at the detail, rather than the initial zoom level to fit the whole image in the play area. You can read more about the zoom/pan tools here.

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