workflow for scripting..

Hey All,

I was wondering what you all have been doing for your packages workflows.

As I am doing it now it is a bit teadious... I could very well be doing steps I don't need but here it is.

Create script (py or mu) in eclipse.

Create package file

Zip and rename to .rvpkg

Run RV

go RV-Preferences-packages

check installed and load my new package.

restart RV

Run script/tool.


Now when I want too work on my script I need to:

change script in eclipse

zip and rename to .rvpkg

RV-preferences-Packages unInstall my package

restart rv

Install my new package

restart rv.


Am I missing something? It wourld be awesome if it works like maya... work on scripts then reload bam...



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    Jon Morley

    Hi David,

    You do not always need to reinstall the Package each time when doing rapid development. Though you do always need to restart RV to reload Package source code changes.

    A faster way to make and test changes would be to edit a copy of your package source code in eclipse and then copy that file over the installed/live copy. The live copy is kept in inside the appropriate Python or Mu subdirectory of the plugins directory where you installed your package.












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    david williams

    Thx :D Works nice..

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    david williams

    Thx :D Works nice..

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    Hannes Reindl

    i know, it's very old topic but i use the reload function from python.
    Simply setup your script in a way where you have to call a function from another python module and reload the module before the call.




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