Shotgun+RV not responsive after updates

We seem to be having a recurring issue when upgrading RV on the Windows computers. For instance, the link was working perfectly on 3.12.16. We updated to 3.12.17 and RV works, Shotgun is fine, but trying to run RV from Shotgun causes RV to become unresponsive. We roll back to 3.12.16 and the issue persists. However, if we roll back a user's entire system to a date prior to the update, the link will work again.

Windows IT's best guess is that there is a "cumulative effect of having several versions of RV installed one after the other." As a linux user myself, I can make no argument for or against this hypothesis.

Has anyone else experienced this issue when working on Windows machines?

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    Alan Trombla

    Hi Lindsay,

    RV doen't touch any part of the larger Windows system during install, so I don't think there can be any "cumulative effect" just from installing multiple copies of RV.  On the other hand the "rvlink" protocol handler functionality is a product of both Windows Registry settings and the preferences of whatever web browser you're using.  That setup is unfortunately not something we do automatically, so whoever is installing new copies of RV would be the one to ask about that.

    Sorry we can't be of more help,


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