access shotgun server connection with the new rv -> shotgun integration


Is it possible to query the current shotgun server connection from within the rv environment? since the new rv is setup to be connected to shotgun once the shotgun user logs in, would it be possible to then query the server connection? I cannot seem to find any documentation on how the connection is established with the shotgun launch submit tool, by looking at the .mu files that are contained in the shotgun integration package it seems this connection is all handled with cookies? But i'm at a loss.... I could do a manual connection with the shotgun_api3 > shotgun class, but I would rather not create another connection to the shotgun database if there is already an active one within the rv environment ( or maybe i'm misunderstanding what's happening under the hood ).

-Thanks for your time,


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    Jon Morley

    Hi Ross,

    While it is true that the Shotgun integration makes a connection, the authentication connection is handled separately. I would not worry about making a new connection.

    Over the next few months we are working to make RV into a Shotgun Toolkit compatible application. This will formalize (and hopefully simplify) the options for users looking to extend RV + Shotgun. It is likely that we will rework all of our legacy Shotgun integration package with access to these new tools.

    In the meantime I would use the shotgun_api3 to make your own connection to your Shotgun instance as needed.


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