Release 1.0 Target Features

In the first release of the RV/Shotgon integration package we hope
to provide at least the following features:

  • Click on links in Shotgun to play media
  • Exchange URLs that will load the designated shotgun versions into RV with one click.
  • Play sets of media from any Shotgun page displaying Versions.
  • Compare two or more Versions in RV after selecting in Shotgun.
  • Play media arranged in Shotgun Playlists.
  • Display Shotgun information (from any shotgun entities) in RV.
  • From RV, go directly to Shotgun pages corresponding to loaded media.
  • From RV, update media to the latest version registered in Shotgun.
  • Store Shotgun information in RV session files.
  • Swap media type (movies or hires frames or whatever) from within RV.
  • Use editorial information stored in Shotgun to adjust media EDL in RV, or to find and load media corresponding to neighboring shots.
  • Configurability.  After a configuration step, the integration package should be able to handle most shotgun schemas.

Note that all this may not be present in the first beta release.

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