RVIO tif16 -> EXR renders black frame

Hey guys.

I'm running into a issue.

I have a 16bit tif file uncompressed - encoded in LOG colourspace that I am trying to convert to a Linear OpenEXR file. Unfortunately I am getting a black frame. RV displays the TIFF just fine, so i'm wondering if my syntax is bad below? I don't get any errors messages.

rvio -v -inlog DP_6k_tile_1.tiff -outhalf -o DP_6k_tile_1.exr

Running on Linux CentOS64

RV version 3.10.9



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    Seth Rosenthal

    Hey Shervin,

    Good to hear from you.

    RVIO has a 4K limit. RVIO HW can often process larger frames although the limit there is system specific. From the name of your file, I suspect this is the problem.

    It's on our list to work around the 4K limit, but it has not come up often and we haven't tackled it yet. It's a result of how we use Mesa currently.

    Try rviohw and see if that works for you.



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    Anders Nyman

    I ran in to the same problem.
    Were going to do some batch flipping of a 8k sequence, but I only got black frames and no error.

    I use 4k textures instead, but this would be great to be able to handle in rvio in the future. 


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    Jon Morley

    Hi Anders,

    Can you please confirm for me that this does not work in rvio_hw (hardware RVIO)?



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