Sgtk Qt apps docking in Nuke


We are trying to develop an app for our artist to get information on their task, view comments and log time within Nuke. Ideally we want to be able to have this app open in it's own pane next to the properties pane.

Doing some research on this it seems you can use the nukescripts function registerWidgetAsPanel. So working from one of your apps in the app_handler instead of calling self._dialog.show(), I call a function that uses that function. The problem arises that the function requests the name of the widget as a string not as an instance of the widget and then runs outside the app and cannot find the widget.

To get around this we are placing the widgets in a separate folder that and importing them via the Nuke init file so when they get called Nuke knows where to find them. Another issue arises in the fact that I can't pass the app information to the widget as it registerWidgetAsPanel function doesn't seem to allow me to pass and arguments. So I have to bootstrap the app back onto the widget. It's all a very roundabout process.

I'm wondering if you have come across this issue at all or have any way of dealing with this? I not sure if anything in the framework exists to be able to handle this either.

Hopefully that makes sense. Let me know if anything is unclear and I'll try explain better.



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