Unreal Engine

Epic has created and open sourced a Toolkit engine for Unreal along with Publishing and Loading functionality.

Docs on how to set up the integration are here.

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    Rob Blau 공식 댓글

    Hey all, I've updated this request to share a pointer to Epic's official implementation of Toolkit integration for Unreal Engine. The docs for it can be found here.

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    Alexey Borzykh

    We're now in a active phase of testing Ureal Engine to be a big part of our production pipeline so, we're definitely looking forward to see SG panel and Toolkit engine for it!

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    Ron Fischer

    Hi Manne,

    I have a project which needs this right now (of course!) and more coming over the next months.

    What's interesting about Unreal is that many shops use Perforce, which is integrated in the Unreal Editor. 

    So, I suspect this is going to be more about best practices for Perforce / Unreal within the existing Shotgun TK + Perforce support.


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    Robert Moodie

    I'm in exactly the same boat, If the SG guys have any more info about this I would be very happy.

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