How can I add tasks filters in Full Loader ?


I want to add custom filters for loaders. By default we have 3 filters ['Folders', 'PublishedFileType', 'RenderImages']. But now I want to add task filters. Like if an artist want to see only rig file in  the loader instead of listing all files.


Vipul Rathod

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    Hi Vipul,

    If you want to filter your PublishedFiles by the type of Task that generated then, you can certainly do this!. For your example, in the tk-multi-loader2 settings in your environment config, modify the entities section for Assets and add a publish_filters key which uses the standard Shotgun API filter syntax (see the Loader documentation for reference). So you could do something like this:

    - caption: Assets
    entity_type: Asset
    - [project, is, '{context.project}']
    - [task.Task.step.Step.short_name, is, 'Rig']
    hierarchy: [sg_asset_type, code]

    This tells the loader to filter the publishes and only show the ones created by Tasks with the Pipeline Step "Rig". We use the short_name field here but you could just as easily use the code field which is the display name for the Pipeline Step.

    Hope that helps!

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    Vips Rathod

    Hi KP,

    Thanks. This really works out for me.

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