Toolkit Primary: Cache Error


We've got SGTK installed for our project but i see "Cache Error" under the project "Project Actions" drop down menu on my Mac, in Chrome & Safari. (please, see attached image for details.) I've checked on other machines (Windows, Chrome & Firefox) and all is OK - I got full SGTK menu items list. Please, help?


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    This was resolved in a support ticket.Their filesystem was applying restrictions on executing files which will cause issues in general for Toolkit.

    If anyone else runs into this, make sure you can run the tank or tank.bat commands from the command-line on the platform you're seeing these issues. The culprit is often that the execute permissions aren't set for the files. 

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    David van Heeswijk

    So how was this fixed? We've installed Centos7 and we now run into the same errors.

    We just use fstab to automount our shares with the same arguments as in Centos6, but it does not work anymore.



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