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We are right now working on a way to track the workflow and files more efficient, one of our goals is to get all the information we gather in on view.

So what we exactly wanna do for example, is to put all the info what textures are used what alembic cache etc in a maya file give that info to shotgun and in shotgun i have one view where i can expand the shot, there i see the tasks then expand again i see my maya files extend again i see files used in that file, best would be when this all could be linked to the schedule in the same view, so you can get a really good overview just with one simple mouseclick instead of going through various menus.


So is there a way to design a website in shotgun that will server our needs there ?

or is there already a system in shotgun that will fit into our goal ?

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    Manne Öhrström

    Hello Hannes!

    This sounds like a great idea and a very interesting use case! (We would love to see what you ultimately end up with!!)

    Shotgun supports something called canvas pages, which allows you to create composite pages which pull together data from multiple sources. You can read more about canvas pages over in the Shotgun documentation here: https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/entries/181391-Designing-Canvas-Pages

    Furthermore, we actually have an entire team dedicated to helping out with matters such as this - the Shotgun street team! I suggest you get in touch with them by dropping them a line on support@shotgunsoftware.com if you have any questions or need Shotgun related advice!

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing what you end up with! :)

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