publishing secondary outputs

When publishing the secondary outputs, the main item (as defined in my asset_step.yml template in tank\config\env) checkbox does not appear to be in sync with the checked status of the items listed in the sub-window below.  This could be confusing for artists.
The publish does do the right thing, but the checkbox settings do not match up well to what is happening.


Is there a way for me to hook up main and sub-item checkboxes from the scan_scene_tk-maya.py?  Or will I need to update the PublishHandler in publish.py / PublishForm in publish_form.py?


I've attached an example of a main item unchecked (do not do the Create Scene Definition) and its sub-items checked (which won't get done since the main item is unchecked).  When the Publish button is clicked, the correct thing happens where the Create Scene Definition is not run and none of the sub-items are run either.



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    Ryan Mayeda

    Hi Fran.

    Great question!  This behavior is actually intentional, but I think a fuller explanation is in order here.  The idea is that both the main item ("Create Scene Definition" in your example) and the sub-items ('mayaHI', 'mayaLo', 'alembicHI', 'alembicLO', etc.) can have default checked/unchecked statuses.  The main item is controlled in the environment configuration, and the sub-items are controlled in the scan scene hook (via the 'selected' Bool in the items list).  This way, a user can check the main item and then ensure that all of the default statuses for the sub-items are there straight off, and the user doesn't have to also check on all of the sub-items.

    Imagine a scenario where the default for the sub-items is a mix of checked and unchecked.  This might make it hard/impossible for users to know what should or shouldn't be checked.  The UI is meant to be hierarchical in that if the main item isn't checked, it is then implied that the sub-items will not be processed.

    That said, now that you mention this, it might be clear enough.  What if the sub-items were greyed out in the scenario, but still checked (if dictated by the scan hook)?  Do you think that would help matters?  Do you have any other suggestions on how to represent both the default state of the sub-items while also showing the user what will/won't be processed?


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