Is there any updates about 3Dmax 2014 engine ??

Is there any updates about 3Dmax 2014 engine ??

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    Manne Öhrström


    Max 2014 has official Python support and we have been working on a brand new engine that directly accesses this built in Python rather than using the Blur Py3dsMax Libraries. However, while testing, we did hit a Qt-related issue that we're stuck on now and we're waiting to hear back from Autodesk on next steps. There was also some chatter on their beta forums from others who've hit the same issue, so hopefully there will be a resolution soon. Then we can release our engine for people who want to use Max 2014 with Toolkit.

    In the meantime, Mike Hendricks at Blur has kindly built a version of Py3dsMax which is 2014 compatible, but it is a beta version and hasn't been throroughly tested in production yet. So there may be some technical issues to iron out still with Max 2014, but if you want to give it a try, I would recommend reading through the following thread on our shotgun-dev email list where there is extensive information both from Ryan, the Toolkit product manager and Mike Hendricks over at Blur:



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