Photoshop Integration Plugin Auto Update needs local admin rights


At our company Installing software locally requires local admin rights which regular users don't have.

The photoshop shotgun integration plugin wants to uninstall the previous and then install the latest version whenever

an update came out. Both steps will require local admin rights.

Is there a way of using the shotgun integration plugin from a network share?

Best regards,



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    Rob Blau

    Hey there Henry,

    Unfortunately the requirement for Administrator access comes from Adobe and how it installs Extensions.  There isn't a workaround, but it is possible to install the Extension via the command line so that it is there for artists without them having to do the install themselves.  This link has some details on how that works:


    The Extension itself is named SgTkPhotoshopEngine.zxp and is located at the root of the tk-photoshop install.  Here is a description of where that install would be:


    (and a nice visual of the structure here).

    If you do the install for the artist, they will still get a prompt to install the extension (since it is when it runs that it registers that the new version has been installed), but they can cancel out and then shouldn't be bothered again.  It isn't ideal, but it could work for allowing for an admin to do the upgrade for a given machine.

    Do you think that might get you set?

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