Is importing alembic cache a part of the Shotgun pipeline?

I have not tried out the Pipeline Toolkit yet so I've only watched the Maya Workflow Video but i couldn't see how Shotgun handles the animation part of the production apart from a quick glance at the "export alembic cache" when it was going through how to publish. Does Shotgun handle importing cache on a shaded model? does it handle final scene assemble when going to render?

is Shotgun more for Modeling assets right now or does it have a nice pipeline for animation assets as well?




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    Ryan Mayeda

    Hi Calle!

    Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit has apps for both loading and publishing (as you saw in the videos) and each is extensible via "hooks."  Related to that, we want to also provide example hooks that perform common actions that we see a lot of pipelines need and use.  At the moment, our main example is for Alembic export:


    Our ultimate goal is to have more of these to help clients get started!  In addition, our default configuration comes with basic hooks that can also act as an example for clients to build on.  For the loader app, our default hook just does a simple createReference:


    But, many clients have taken the hook and tweaked it to their liking.  Toolkit is designed to encourage this so that pipelines can be tailored to work exactly to the people's likings.  Here is our doc on how to override hooks with your own:


    As we move forward, we're learning more and more about best practices, and it is definitely our intent to push out our findings either as additional examples, updates to our default configuration, and both.  At the moment, our default setup tries to keep things simple and we leave it up to the clients to dial in.  Let us know if you need help getting started with hooks - we're happy to help as much as we can, and this can potentially turn into more examples!


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