is it save to assume that a new project setup with the default config is 'clean'?


We have been making various uninformed and probably bad changes to things while understanding how things should be setup.

Our understanding is that if we set up a new project with the default config, this is effectively a clean slate, with none of our past edits having any effect.


Is there anything we need to be aware of,

Like files that affect things globally, files that should simply not ever be edited, or caching issues that might trip us up?


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    Ryan Mayeda

    Hi Rupert!

    Yes, it is safe to assume that setting up a new project, especially with the default config, is a "clean slate" and none of the changes you've made in other projects will affect your new one.  You should note that there are a handful of global configuration file to be aware of, though.  They are in your studio install folder, under /path/to/studio/config/core, and track the following pieces of key information:

    • Your Shotgun site URL and the API script key it should use (shotgun.yml).
    • Your Shotgun site's login and API script key it should use to grab updates from the Toolkit App Store (app_store.yml).
    • A per-Operating-System configuration file that tracks the path to your Python interpreter, specified as part of the initial activation (interpreted_[$OS].cfg).

    If you localize a pipeline configuration within a project, these configuration files will be copied as well, since the entire install gets brought in, so they can be overridden in this case.  However, it's probably unlikely you'll ever need to touch these unless you are making major changes, and in that case, it might actually be simpler to do a fresh activation/install...

    Hope this helps!


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