Toolkit Pipeline TD Needed

Zero VFX (http://www.zerovfx.com) is currently seeking an experienced and motivated Pipeline TD to engineer and implement a pipeline with Shotgun and Shotgun Toolkit.
Zero is currently located in Boston, Massachusetts and is opening a brand new office in LA. This is a full-time, on-site position.
- Develop and maintain a Shotgun Toolkit pipeline for two bi-coastal facilities.
- Develop and maintain various production tools that interface with Shotgun and/or Shotgun Toolkit.
- Provide technical support relating to Shotgun and SGTK to artists and producers.
- Proficient in Python 2.x/3.x.
- Proficient with the Shotgun API and Shotgun Toolkit.
- Proficient with Nuke and Maya APIs.
- Familiarity and comfortability with general film production and post-production timelines.
- Ability to work and communicate clearly with non-technical people and to self-assign tasks, set goals and make schedules.
- Ability to adapt to flexible timelines and priorities.
- PyQt/PySide experience is a plus.
- C++ experience is a plus.
- Web development experience is a plus.
To Apply for this position:
- Submit a cover letter and resume to jobs@zerovfx.com.
- Please make the subject of the e-mail "Pipeline TD Job"
- Include any links to your web-site/portfolio
- Clearly include your name, address and telephone number.
- No phone calls or drop-ins please.

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