How do I add versions to a playlist in bulk?

I have 29 versions that I want to add to a playlist all at once. I can't import the data, as that overwrites the playlist field for each version instead of adding to it. Within the playlist itself there's no way to add more than one version at a time. Being able to add versions en masse would save a lot of time.

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    Brandon Foster

    Hi Brenton,

    This is possible from the right-click context menu. On a Versions page, highlight the Versions you want to add to an existing Playlist. Right-click and click "Add to Existing Playlist." A popup will appear displaying the Playlists in your Project. Highlight the desired Playlist, then click the "Link Selected" button at the top.


    Alternatively in the Media App, you can highlight the Versions you want to add to a given Playlist, then drag+drop them onto that Playlist in the lefthand pane (see screenshot below).


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