Layout Shots List View - only show one row per shot

Hi all,

our production team is working a lot with the List View in Shots. We have about 1200 Shots and each shot is shown as one row with different Pipeline Steps and other Columns. Clearly arranged and you get a good overview of the different statuses. So far we had one Task per Pipeline Step.
Now we need to add some Tasks to a Pipeline Step which results (of course) in adding one row per Shot for every added Task in List View. And this makes the whole list quite confusing cause it adds a lot of empty space to it. For example, if you add 2 Tasks to a Pipeline Step, you add 2 rows to the Shot which are completely empty, except for the Pipeline Step column where you added the Tasks. And the great overview you had before is gone. So you end up in scrolling, navigating between pages and also Shotgun takes much more time to load a page.

Is there any option to configure the Layout so that it shows only one row by default, and if you want you can expand that row (just like it is in columns)?
If not, is there any other way to solve this problem?
The only way I know is to create new Pipeline Steps for each Task, but that makes tracking more complicated plus the list grows horizontaly and you still end up in scrolling.

Any advice/solution/hint would be much appreciated!



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