Is there a way to have the "media" app to cover all active shows instead of show by show?

I would love to use the "media" app to see quickly all the thumbnails of 1 speciality but over all the active show, sorted by date.

Need a tool for the speciality CG leads to be able to filter easily what's created day by day (shots and Asset) on all active shows, instead of having to open as many window as there's active show.



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    Johnny Duguid
    Hi Sabastien,

    I'm not 100% sure I'm clear on what you're trying to do, but I'm taking it that you're asking: "is there a way to hide projects in the Media App that are no longer active." If that's correct, this is possible to do!

    The Media App will respect whether a project is "archived" - based on the Project-level Archive checkbox field. If this is checked, the project will not appear on the Media App. You can set this by going to the top-level Project button > click the gear icon on the project menu > select "Manage Projects > if the field isn't a visible, add the "Archive" field > check the checkbox field. (Due to the complexity of project statuses, we don't tie the project status to the archiving functionality.)

    If I'm off base, let me know some more details about what you're trying to accomplish and we'll work it out.


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