Flexible auto Thumbnail Filter for Tasks

I like the automatically generated Thumbnails. We are using it for "Shot entity" Thumbnails as well as for "Task entities" right now.

A nice feature for our artists, using mostly the "My Tasks" view, would be having the Shot Thumbnail visible as Tasks Thumbnails as long there is no version uploaded for the specific task. Sure in the Task Page we could grab the linked Shot thumbnail in the "List View" as well as in "Thumbnail View" as additional field, but it would be nice to keep it simple.

Is there a way achieving this with a filter. I think I have to filter versions for the Current Task and the linked Shot. I can filter if there is a Shot linked to the Task, but how can I get the actual corresponding versions from this linked shot? It seems I can not access something like the "Current Shot" linked from a Task perspective.

Did I get something wrong or is there a limitation?

Thank you.


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    Katherine Rix

    We'd really like a feature like this too. We use thumbnail widgets a lot and production/artists would like to be able to tell what shot a task is on from the thumbnail rather than from the less intuitive shot code. This is hard to do before a department starts on their work because they have no versions. It would be great if in those cases it took the shot latest shot version, or alternatively a version from the previous pipeline step or dependency.

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