Animator going offsite for a week - remain in pipeline context?

Hi guys,

We have an animator about to spend a week away, but will still be working on shots from out of the studio. My concern is I would like to have him continue working in context of the project since we are referencing every Maya asset into the Maya shot scenes and creating new versions of those shots in a pipeline aware fashion. Bandwidth will not allow him to be tunneled in directly, he'll have to work on a mirror sync of the project structure. We are pretty much using the default project folder structure that Shotgun creates per asset and shot.

I've found that as long as we start the shot animation scenes here in context, they can be worked on outside the pipeline as long as the file structure is the same. I can't reference an asset from outside, but as long as it has been loaded in with the shotgun tools beforehand it seems to come back in fine after animation is done.

I'm having a hard time finding information of similar cases being treated by other studios, I was wondering if you could either point me to some resources or give me some tips on best practices?


Ben Davis


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