SGTK Dyanmic Files in Folder Creation/Starter Templates for New Nuke Tasks



Is it possible to have dynamic files inside folder creation? Or do I need a custom hook?

The general problem I am trying to solve is that our Nuke artists need to start with a base template file when starting a new task but it isn't viewable via the Shotgun Managed Files because it doesn't fit our templating name structure. We would like that when folders are created, to create that v1 of that task/that our template file be copied over/renamed to match what would be the v1 of that task. So when an artist opens a new task in Nuke they can use the Shotgun Browser to easily load in our Nuke template file.

Is folder creation the right place to do this? Or should our artists be doing something else? The asset system? We just want to ensure our artists when starting a new Nuke task use a very specific setup for their Nuke file.




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