Is there any way to copy and paste filters from one page or widget to another?

I'm designing a page with multiple tabs, and they are similar to another page we have with multiple tabs.  Each of these tabs has a series of complex filters on their entities.  The only way I know of to copy these filters is to Save As the page, rename it, rename the tab, and change the filters.

But the level of complexity of these pages makes this solution almost less useful than just recreating the filters.  Is there any way to just copy paste from one to another -- or to create some sort of filter template I can load into a new page?

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    Astrid Scholte

    Hi Eli,

    Thank you for your message and feedback! Unfortunately at the moment there is not a way to save a widget or tab across to another page, aside from the workaround you mentioned. This is definitely a feature we are interested in developing and there is an existing feature request which I will add your support to. Hopefully we will get some movement on this soon.

    Thanks so much for your valued feedback!

    Kind regards,

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    melanie zaffran

    this ability would make life so much easier for every coordinators out there !! :)

    additionally, it would be great to have the ability to set "global filters" on widget pages, which gets applied to all widgets at once, instead of having to set each widget with the same filter individually. I know widgets can be copied but if a whole page of pre-existing widgets needs to be updated, then it requires going into each existing widget and updating it one by one.


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    Kathleen Steele

    That would be amazing!!!

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    Janis Robertson

    This would go a long way to help us standardize across projects, which in turn helps us get the artists used to checking shotgun pages. 

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